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rehoming your pet

How to ReHome Your Pet

rehoming your petIt is sad to think that anyone would abandon their pet. But there are a lot of reasons why someone may leave a pet behind. Most often, someone has to move and they can’t take their pet with them or their pet was not working with their family. It can be hard to find a new home for a pet, but if a pet has been abandoned there is a good chance they will die. Abandoned pets are not use to living on the street, finding food on their own, or finding shelter. It can be very hard for them. Rehoming them is a much better option.

Tips to Rehome your Pet

  • Make a flyer asking if someone is interested in adopting your pet. Put the flyer up around your neighborhood, at the grocery store, and drop them by Vetco.
  • Ask pet friendly facebook pages, such as the Vetco Facebook Page, local real estate agents, local businesses to post your flyer on their page. Also ask your friends to share it on their Facebook and Instagram.
  • Go to the animal human website¬†and post in their forum for rehoming.
  • Email friends and co-workers and ask them to share the word with their friends and family.
  • Come up to Vetco and post a photo or a flyer to let all the people know that you are looking to rehome your pet.
  • Get in touch with breed and rescue groups. They may be able to send an email to their contacts or post about it on their website or social media.
  • Post a classified in the newspaper and in the Alibi.
When rehoming, don’t just give your pet to the first interested person. Take some time and interview them. See how they are with your pet. You don’t have to make the decision immediately.
If you don’t find someone to take them, bring them to the local shelter. Please don’t just turn them loose.
If you are not able to find a home, please don’t abandon them. Take them to the local shelter and give them to the shelter. The shelter will take over the rehoming efforts.¬† Not every pet fits with every family, and not everyone is able to accommodate pets in their life, don’t feel bad about that. Part of being a responsible pet owner is know when you can’t be a responsible pet owner. But abandoning your pet is not being a responsible pet owner, please do your best to rehome and at the very least take them to a shelter so the shelter can try to rehome your pet.