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How to Travel with Your Dog for Thanksgiving

Travel with your dog vetcoNot all of us stay home on Thanksgiving. Some of us like to travel. But who wants to visit their family for Thanksgiving and leave their dog behind? If you are traveling with your pets for Thanksgiving make sure you take some easy steps to safeguard them.

Health Certificate

If you are traveling across state lines or out of the county you need a health certificate from your veterinarian. It does not matter if you are driving or flying. Talk to your vet about requirements for travel. You will also want to make sure that you plan enough in advance to get all necessary shots.

Dog in the Car

Your dog in the car is fine when you are in the car with him. Never leave your dog in the car by himself. Cars heat up or cool down much faster than people realize. Within minutes your dog could be in life threatening temperatures. So if you stop and walk away from your car, make sure that Fido is walking with you.

Buckle Up

By law you have to wear a seatbelt. But you should also buckle up your dog. You can use a harness to properly secure your dog in the seat. You also want to have him sit that is away from airbags. Airbags are not meant for pets and can cause serious injury to your dog. And never transport your pet in the bed of a truck. This is dangerous and against the law.


If you are flying there are likely some extra precautions you may want to talk. Speak with your vet about managing your pets anxiety during air travel. You should also make an appointment within 10 days of travel to get your dog’s health checked out to make sure he is safe for travel.

Pack for your pet

Make sure you are thinking about your pet when you travel. Pack his medication, food, medical records, identification, first aid, and some travel anxiety relief like Rescue Remedy. If it is cold, you may want to pack a sweater or jacket. You might also want to bring some toys or a familiar smelling blanket.

Before any trip you should make an appointment to see your low-cost Albuquerque veterinarian to get your pet checked out to make sure they are travel ready and ask your vet any questions you may have.