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introducing pets

I Adopted A Second Pet, and Now My First Pet Is Not Happy

introducing petsI Adopted A Second Pet, and Now My First Pet Is Not Happy

Do you have siblings? Were you the oldest offspring in your family? When a new little brother or sister joined your pack, were you happy? Immediately accepting?

Chances are, the answer is “no.” Humans are complex creates that experience insecurity, jealousy, and uncertainty when big changes occur. Pets are very similar. Just like humans, occasionally your pets do not like it when you add a second pet to your home. As the pack leader, how do you help them welcome their new friend?

If your pets sleep in crates, or are crate trained and have slept in a crate at some point, try putting their crates near one another when they are sleeping. This may require a bit of adjustment. With each pet in his or her respective “den,” it takes more time for him or her to bond while sleeping near one another.

You may also try feeding your pets face-to-face. Though this is not to be done initially without supervision, your pets may learn to tolerate one another in this proximity. This should not be done however if either pet is food aggressive. You can ask your local New Mexico veterinarian about food aggression in dogs. They will be able to perform a series of simple tests that will let you know if and how you may proceed.

One additional trick to try with pets that are acclimating to one another is the “co-snuggle.” Get a pet on each side of you, and encourage them to relax. Their desire to be near you may help them to get over their suspicion of one another. It’s tricky, but it works!

Getting a second pet to become part of your family isn’t hard once you know how, and the team is always here to help. Feel free to give us a call any time via our Albuquerque New Mexico vet hotline office number (505) 292-3030. At the expense of only a little more effort on your part, your pet will have a companion that they can connect with on a different level. Getting pets to accept one another may take a bot of effort, but once they bond they are bonded for life. Your pack will experience a new level of vitality and love that is absolutely worth it.