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I Got a Bunny for Easter, Now What?

albuquerque rabbit vetI Got a Bunny for Easter, Now What?

You are a new bunny parent, congratulations! You are probably wondering what to do now. What kind of veterinary treatments does my new rabbit need?

Spay and Neuter

A rabbit can have a littler every 30 days and can get pregnant within minutes of giving birth. There is a reason they say “breed like bunnies”. It is important that you get your rabbit spayed or neutered. Beyond the unwanted litters, spaying and neutering also protects females from uterine cancer and helps their mental health.


In the United States, rabbits are not required to get vaccinations. If you are traveling to Europe or the UK and bringing your rabbit, talk to your vet about getting the appropriate vaccinations.

Specialized Vets

Not all small animal vets are specialized to work with rabbits. Make sure the vet you chose is able to treat rabbits. At Vetco we are able to treat the well animal, and surgical, needs of your pet rabbit.