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I Have an Indoor Cat Why Should I Vaccinate Them?

evaporative cooler petMany people mistakenly think that their indoor cats will be disease and virus-free if they live exclusively indoors. This however is not the case. While they may be less likely to contract an illness or virus living indoors does not make them exempt. Vaccinations are meant to keep your cat safe indoors and out.

Though the likelihood of contracting something is significantly less if your cat is an indoor cat, it is not impossible. This is a case of better safe than sorry. There are things we vaccinate against that will easily prevent illness but if your cat gets that virus it could kill them. Understanding the essential cat vaccines is important.

Has your cat ever made a run for it or gotten out a window? Maybe they were not out for a long time, but they still can come in contact with things. It is best to be safe rather than sorry. When it comes to vaccinations, they are still important to your cat. Even if you got your cat as a kitten there are viruses’ that can live in their systems for several months. It is important to treat your cat for them, so they don’t become active in their system.

Have you ever cared for someone else’s pets? This is a great way for you to expose your cat to a virus. You can transfer it if you bring it back to your home or if you watch the pet directly in your home, they can transfer it to your indoor cat. Making sure your pet is up to date on shots will help protect them.

Fleas, worms, and ticks. Your cat can get any of these while living indoors. Humans can transfer these into their homes on their belongings. You never know when you might bring in a flea or tick. You could have had contact with worm eggs. The best bet is to use a preventative to help keep your indoor cat from getting them. There are many things you can bring into your home via the shoes you wear. Be safe and make sure you are trying to prevent these pests properly.

Preventing parasites and diseases in your cat is not hard. At Albuquerque Vetco we can give your cat the shots they need to be vaccinated properly. You want your cat to be healthy and happy and part of that is to head off diseases that are avoidable. Come into the shot clinic or talk to your vet on the next visit you have with us.