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Ice Cream and Vaccination! Vetco Patient Appreciation Day


Wondering what you are going to do this long holiday weekend?  4th of July can be more than fireworks and bbq. It can also be ice cream and vaccination! We love our furry clients and want to show our appreciation. On July 5th, bring your dog or cat to Vetco on Menaul Blvd for vaccinations or preventative care and get a free ice cream! We have a ice cream truck at the clinic all day on Saturday just for you. Some come over to Vetco and get your fur baby’s shots updated, get your preventative care (Frontline, Heartgard), take advantage of some of our other great discounts and get a free yummy cold ice cream. Our vaccination rep will be on hand to answer any question you may have.

When: July 5th from 1 -4 pm

Where: Vetco on Menaul Blvd, in the Hoffmantown Center

So take some time to cool down and get some free ice cream at Vetco! It is our way of saying that we appreciate our clients!