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I’m not Fat, I’m Big Boned: Most Overweight Pets of 2012 [Infographic]

It probably won’t come as any surprise that the rise of obesity in humans has also resulted in the rise of obesity in our furry friends. In fact it looks like our four-legged companions might be giving us a run for our money. For anyone who says “Mr. Buggles, my dog, will eat till he pops”, and you replace “pops” with “blow-up” and they probably aren’t that far from the truth.

According to “Go Big or Go Home”, the majority of our pets are now fat, and the troubling thing is that most owners do not believe their pets are overweight. Unless Fido needs a wood plank with wheels just to walk from the front door to the car, 22% of dog owners believe that their hefty husky is just fine.

Cat owners understand the nature of the beast a little better; only 15% of them eschew the fact that their cat is fat. If you can’t say no to another treat for that huggable feline, or it sounds more appealing sharing a midnight snack of potato chips with the mutt than going for a nice long walk in the neighborhood during the day, please take “Go Big or Go Home” to heart.

Fattest Pets of 2012
Infographic Via Carrington College’s Veterinary Assistant Program