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Indoor Potty Training for Dogs

Most dog owners prefer to have their dogs use the potty outside, but sometimes situations prevent that from being able to happen. Currently, being quarantined because of the Coronavirus is causing a lot of dog owners to have to have their dog use the potty inside instead of outside. Training a dog that normally goes outside to going inside can be really hard.

Here are some good tips to get you started with indoor potty training

  1. Designate an area for them to go. Put down newspaper, puppy pads, or astroturf and establish a “bathroom” place for them.
  2. When they give signs of having to go outside to go potty, do everything you would normally do to take them out. Make them sit, put on the leash and then walk them over to the new potty area. If you use voice commands to tell them to go to the restroom, use the same ones inside.
  3. Do not punish them for going in the wrong place. If your dog is use to going outside then it could be very stressful for them to start going inside, If they get the location wrong because they don’t understand or because they have an accident, do not get mad at them and do not punish them. Pick up their mess and put it where you want them to the potty. Having their scent there will help them to understand that is where they should go. When they go in the right place make sure to give them lots of praise.
  4. Try again and again. Even if you do the all the right things, it may take a while for your adult dog to want to use the potty inside. If you know they have to go, or think they do, keep going through the routine. Put on the leash, walk them over, say “potty” and do this multiple times in a row. At some point they will use the designated space.
  5. Maintain a regular routine for a couple of weeks. Once they have learned where to go, you can start to allow your dog to go on their own.

Stay home and stay safe.