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Is Your Pet A Tax Write-Off?

pet tax write offIt is tax day…probably everyones least favorite day of the year. But some interesting things you may not know that might help you get a few extra tax write-offs.

There are some ways you can use your pet as a tax write off. Do you own your own business? If you have a cat that takes care of the mice around your office then your cat, the food and vet bill can all be considered a tax write off.

Do you have a dog guarding your business property? Then he is preforming a job and can be written off! Of course if you are claiming that your dog is a guard dog the IRS will want to know what the breed is. So that little playful Chihuahua won’t count. It will need to be a big breed such as a German Shepherd or Doberman.

If you have a dog for medical reasons, ie. seeing eye dog. You can write off their expenses and this includes, vaccinations, kennel fees and pet supplies. The only part you can’t write off is buying the dog itself, go figure.

Do you like to foster animals? Being a foster pet owner is also a tax deduction. There are so many animals that need homes and helping out non-profits by fostering animals can give you an extra help on your taxes this year!

So if you have a pet that you think you might be able to use as a write-off go ask a tax professional.