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It’s in the Poop: Poop and Your Dog’s Health

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Yes, looking closely at your dogs poop does not sound like a really fun thing to do. In fact, it sounds kind of gross, But poop tells you a lot about your dogs overall health such as being a sign of an illness or a dietary concern. You can make some important veterinary health decisions based on their poop.

What is Normal Poop?

This is the big question, what does normal poop look like? You have to know what normal is so you can tell if something is outside of normal. Its a nice idea that just living with your dog and seeing their poop would tell you what normal is, but it is possible that your dog has never had normal poop so you might not know normal if you saw it. This is where we can help.

The 4 Factors of Feces

  1. Color: Normal poo should be a chocolate brown, roughly a milk chocolate not a dark or white chocolate.
  2. Consistency: Their poo should be firm but not hard.
  3. Content: The poo should look uniform. You should not see things in the poo and it should look about the same all over.
  4. Mucus: There should be no coating of anything around the poop, this could be blood or mucus.

Rice in their Poop?

If you see “rice” in your dogs poop, they have worms. Worms often look like rice or white spots. If your dog has worms, he will need to be dewormed. Your veterinarian will want to examine their poop, so collect a sample of the wormy poop to show them.

Pooping Blood

Blood in your dogs poo is not normal. If you see blood in their poop you need to go to the vet immediately. Blood in their poop may look red if it is coating the outside of the poop, or if it is mixed in with mucus. It may also turn their poop black. There can be many reasons why there is blood in your dogs poop from parvovirus, parasites, eating a foreign object, cancer, an internal or anus injury, poison, or obstruction. No matter the reason you need to go to the vet and have your dog evaluated.

Fecal Scoring Chart

Here is a fantastic chart that shows you what your dog poop should look like and what it means when their poo looks a certain way. This is called a fecal scoring chart. Your dog should score between a 3 and a 4.