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Keep Calm and Trick or Treat: Halloween Anxiety Management for your Pet

Hpet safety halloweenalloween may be fun for you and I, but it can be very stressful for your pets. The night is filled with kids ringing the door bell over and over, wearing crazy costumes, and screaming trick-or-treat. There are treats all over that they can’t eat, and scary sounds everywhere. This can be a high anxiety evening.

Watch the Door

If your dog get too scared they may try to make a break for the door and run away. First, make sure your pet is microchipped so if they do run away, it is easy for them to be returned  home to you quickly. You can get your pet microchipped during any of our daily walk in shot clinics.

Keep your pet away from the front door so they don’t get a chance to run out. If your dog barks a lot at the door, you may want to put them farther back in the house so they can’t hear the activity at the door.

Keep Your Pets Inside

It may seem like keeping them in the back yard during may help keep them calm, but typically it just makes them more anxious. They are more likely to bark and growl at every costumed kid. They may even try to flee your back yard, especially if you have kids come to your house that are more trick than treat.

Black cats are in particular danger on Halloween. Because many people believe they are bad luck, they are at a high risk for violence. Definitely keep your black cats inside.

A Kennel Vacation

If your dog is prone to having really high anxiety, you may want to consider putting them in a kennel for the night. Often times, kennels are a lot of fun for your dog and are like a little vacation. Taking them to a kennel can not only give them a fun break but also a reprieve from the anxiety of Halloween night.

Natural Remedies

There are some great natural remedies that can help quell anxiety. Lavender is wonderful as a calming agent. Try putting a drop of lavender on their collar, or get a lavender sachet to add to their kennel or sleeping are. The smell of lavender naturally soothes and calms the nerves. You can also try using Rescue Remedy in their water. Rescue Remedy is a naturopathic remedy you can buy at most pet stores. Ingesting it has been known to cause calming effects on pets.