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Keeping Your Cat Healthy Right Meow! Health Tips for Older Cats

Do you have an older cat? Aren’t they the best?! We all love kittens and how funny and playful they are but there is something special about older cats. They sit with us more, curl up with us, sleep with us. They may not be as playful but they are wonderful in how they embrace their older life. We would love to share some tips with you on keeping your cat healthy as they get older.

Comfort is King

Cats love soft and comfy spaces. They love them at all ages but even more when they are older. Give your older cat a nice soft comfy place to sleep that is all for them. You can use blankets and plush pet beds to help provide a softer surface for your aging cat to lay on. The extra cushion will be easier on their joints, just don’t make it so fluffy that they have a hard time getting up and down.

Active Body and Active Mind

Keep them engaged to keep their mind active. Just like in people, it is important for your cat to keep their mind active. When they were kittens they found things everywhere to keep their interest, from watching birds out the window to playing with pencils and balls of tinfoil. Older cats are less interested in some of these more active games but there are other options. Hunting is a natural instinct for cats. There are many cat puzzles available for your kitty to “hunt” for their food. The puzzle makes getting their food more of a game and stimulates the hunting part of their brain. You can make homemade cat puzzles or purchase them.  One simple puzzle uses a cardboard toilet paper tube. You can cut a hole in the tube so that their food can roll out of the hole. Then fold in the end and tape if you need to. As your cat rolls the tube around the food or treats will drop out of the hole encouraging them to play with it more. This is an activity fluffy should enjoy. You can look up homemade cat puzzles online to get more ideas for making your own puzzle. Providing them with these “hunting” opportunities, keeps them active and engages their brain.

You are What You Eat

Diet is incredibly important for cats of all ages but even more so for older cats. The dietary needs of cats change when a cat gets older and it might change sooner than you think, Many cats that are 7 or 8 years old need to move to cat food for older cats. Make sure to keep up on dietary needs with your vet. Talk to your Albuquerque vet about what is best for your kitty based on their age.

Prevention is Where it’s at!

Annual checkups are very important to maintain your cat’s overall health. It is often during annual checkups that your vet may notice small changes in their overall health or can advise you on changes you need to make in their diet and activity level. Preventative visits can keep small problems from becoming big ones.