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Albuquerque kennel cough

Kennel Cough is Hitting Albuquerque

There have been an increase in reports from parks and in doggy day cares showing an increase in kennel cough, aka. bordatella.. Kennel cough is a highly contagious virus that makes your dog very sick. Thankfully Kennel Cough is treatable but the best treatment is prevention.

Kennel Cough is transmitted through the air, saliva, and contact. This means is spreads like wild fire in unvaccinated dogs. You are most likely to be exposed to it at parks, kennels, pet stores, and anywhere there are lots of dogs around.

Symptoms of Kennel Cough

  • dry hacking cough
  • white foamy phlegm
  • lethargy
  • loss of appetite
  • runny nose
  • fever

If you think your dog may have kennel cough, bring them to the vet immediately. He will need to be on antibiotics and depending on how sever it is, he may need a nebulizer treatment to help him breathe.

If your dog doesn’t have kennel cough, now is a good time to make sure their vaccine is up to date. The kennel cough is a simple vaccine that will keep most dogs safe from contracting the virus. Albuquerque Vetco offers daily walk-in shot clinics where you can get your bordatella vaccine as well as all your annual vaccinations.

If your dog has kennel cough, read our tips on how to relieve some of the bordatella symptoms while they undergo treatment.