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Life-saver To Man’s Best Friend: The Ultimate Checklist For New Dog-owners

Having a dog can be therapeutic, life-changing and so joyful. It’s just like having children, except your dog will remain grateful and loyal to you for all of its eternity. If you’ve only just realized this and have finally gotten yourself the planet’s most faithful friend, you’ve got some shopping to do.


Here’s a checklist that gives you all the essentials and the important that you shouldn’t miss out on. At all.




1)   A vet

Consult with friends and relatives who have pets. Ask them for their vet’s details. Check for reviews online. Once you find a good vet, stick to him like the burr on the chestnut tree. This will make life easier for you as well as your pet. The vet will take care of all the necessary vaccinations, previous medical history and the like. For a first timer with pets, the panic attacks, nervousness and freaking out are completely understandable. A good vet knows this and will always allay your fears.






2)   Dog collar

The dog collar will have the tags. And the tags should have the pet’s name, your name, your address and number (for emergency cases). In addition to this, don’t forget the vaccination tag your vet will give you.






3)   Leash

The leash is there to make sure your doggy dearest doesn’t wander away when you’re not looking, especially when both of you are new to the whole thing. Moreover, if the dog is left in unknown surroundings, it can get scared or nervous. Therefore, be it simply walking the dog, training or outdoor safety, a good leash is paramount.





4)   Bedding

Comfort becomes all-important when you want to make your new pet feel more at home and less insecure. Create a little pen in a cozy corner with cushions and pillows and line it with a cedar frame to keep the insects at bay.






5)   Dog-food

Whether the dog is old or new, puppy or adult, appropriate diet is mandatory. Nine out of ten times, what maybe be good for you won’t be good for your furry friend. Consult with the vet for the best diet plan, stick to it, and yes, always have spare reserves of dogfood.





6)   Food and water/milk bowls

Get dog bowls and keep it filled at regular intervals, especially the water bowl- this needs to be filled at all times. This also keeps the whole affair less messy. Keep the bowls in a fixed spot, so your dog knows where to look.






7)   Tick prevention measures

This is a problem every dog owner is likely to encounter sooner or later. Therefore, it is best to be armed with the right measures right from the beginning. You’ll find a lot of over the counter powders, sprays and collars that ward off that nasty little crawlies. Your vet should also be able to suggest something helpful and effective.





8)   Dog shampoo

Find us one dog that doesn’t like getting its fur dirty. A gentle veterinarian-approved shampoo is the most failsafe solution to clean your pet without really causing any damage to dermatological damage.







9)   Chew toys

Skip this part, and you can kiss your furniture goodbye.Chew toys are fun, keep the pets busy, you entertained and the house safe. Pick toys that are not too small and can be choked on. Buy the high-quality stuff or you’ll be left with a dog emergency and a messy home. And most importantly, make sure they’re durable unless you want to be a platinum member at the pet store.

Just a few changes in your routine, checks against the right things on the list, a lot of love and you’re sorted. That’s any way the least you can do for someone who’s not only made you his best friend for life, but also the very center of his existence.

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The author of this post, Mickey Jones, is an employee at Pet Heaven NQ, which provides pet cremation and memorial services. He is very understanding and helpful. He also enjoys listening to country western music.