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Longevity With Healthy Treats: For Dogs And Cats


Our four legged friends may not have the same vocabulary as us, but they are still very much part of our family.  We make sure that our human family members are fed the best quality food that we can afford. Proper nutrition is one of the most important factors in health and longevity.  Our pets are no different.  In order to maintain quality health in our pets, they need to be fed quality food.  Healthy treats for dogs are easy to purchase and find, but are often passed by for their cheaper versions.  While cheap may be economic, it will often lead to higher vet bills and a shorter lifespan in our pets.

Most dog food and treats are products of leftover meat products or in-consumable meats for humans.  It is the lowest quality product available on the market and is only fit to be fed to dogs.  This meat is than mixed with fillers such as corn or rice to make it stretch even further.  Flavor is then added to make it edible.  Minerals and vitamins are added to the dog treats to enhance the product.

Quality Control

As our dogs cannot talk, most owners do not think twice about the quality of food their pets are receiving.  As with humans, a long term diet that is lacking the proper nutrition will result with illness and health problems.  The same can be said about our pets.  If you spend the duration of your dog’s life feeding it a low quality diet, the money you saved in food, will be spent on veterinary costs due to an ailing senior dog.  Your pets deserve better than this. Healthy treats for dogs is one of the many ways to improve your dog’s life while doing it in a way that that makes them content and happy.

When browsing the pet food isle, healthy treats for dogs can be easy to find if you know what you are looking for. Protein is important in your dog’s diet. The activity level and breed of your dog will determine how much protein they require. The first ingredient in their foods should be meat. Not a by-product or meal but actual meat.  The following four ingredients should not contain grains or fillers.  They should be a combination of vegetables and / or fruits.  The ingredients should all be items you easily recognize. An extra bonus to look for in healthy treats for dogs is that the food and treats are organic and free of hormones and pesticides.  There should not be much of a difference between the raw food you eat and the raw food your dog eats.

Healthy Treats for Healthy Dogs

This being said, table scraps should not be a staple in your dog’s diet because when we eat meat, we cook it, season it, add oils and other food toppings to it that are not good for dogs.  We completely change it from its natural form. These additions to meat over a long period of time will have the same effects on our pets as they do on humans.  Processed foods contribute to declining health.  The same effect will happen to our pets.  If you want your four legged family members to live to their full life expectancy in top health, then they must be fed the right foods accompanied with the right amount of exercise.  Healthy treats for dogs should be just that, healthy.  A dog’s diet is the responsibility of the owner.  Be very diligent about the foods that you feed your dog.  It is imperative that as much care and consideration goes into your dog’s diet as the rest of your family members.

Healthy treats for dogs should be one of the most important things to consider while shopping for their meals.  Read the ingredients carefully to see exactly what you are feeding your dog.  Be sure it is pure meats, vegetables and fruits.  Be sure that there are no unnecessary fillers and that the remaining ingredients to not list grains, rice or corn. If you take the time to maintain your dog’s diet now, then you will be able to reduce dog veterinary costs later.  Healthy treats for dogs should not be a consideration, it should be a necessity.  If you read the list of ingredients on dog food and could not fathom eating it, why would you feed it to your pets.  If you want to be able to have your dog life out its full life expectancy, give them the proper nutrition to be able to do that.  Your dog deserves the best from you. Do everything you can to help them life a long and healthy life.

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This article was written  by Susan Melody, who believes that healthy treats for dogs and cats are a must, because our pet companions deserve to be healthy too.