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National Fire Pup Day

fire safety dogsThis Saturday is National Fire Pup Day! It is a great day to honor our four-legged firefighters’.Dalmatians are the most famous of all fire fighting dogs. They are commonly known as firehouse dogs. ┬áBefore we had cars we had horses that pulled the fire engines. Dalmations have a natural affinity to horses and were used to run alongside the carriage and clear the way for the cart and the horse.

In honor of our firefighting pup’s, let’s take a look at some good fire safety guidelines for pets.

How to prevent your pets from starting fires:

  • Do not leave any open flames that can be knocked over by curious pets or wagging tails.
  • Removed stove knobs, or use kid safety knob covers. Stoves are the number one piece of equipment in your house involved in pets starting fires.
  • Use flameless candles.

How to keep your pets fire safe:

  • Keep collars and leashes near the entrance to your house in case firefighters need to get your pts out.
  • Keep your pets away from potential fire-starting hazards
  • Consider using monitored smoke alarms so if you have a fire when you are not home, someone gets alerted and can rescue your pets.
  • Get a Pet Alert Window Cling. You can write down the number of pets in your house and put the cling on the window near your door. You can get free ones by getting in touch with your local fire department.
  • Create an emergency exit plan that includes who is in charge of the pets.