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National Pet Awareness Month

cat and dog health albuquerqueNovember is National Pet Awareness Month! ┬áThis is a good time to look at your pet’s health and veterinary history and make sure they are ready for a long and healthy life. Here is a checklist of things you should do, or need to do annually, for a healthy pet.

  • Annual Checkup – this is very important. It is good to have your vet look over your pet annual to make sure that everything is on the up and up. Most issues, when caught early, are easy to treat.
  • Annual Vaccination – Yearly shots are not only mandatory but good to do. These vaccinations keep your pet from getting any disease that could be potentially fatal.
  • Spay and Neuter – Most kittens and puppies end up without a home. This is terribly sad. The best way to help control the animal population is by spaying and neutering your pet. Unless you are planning to be a breeder, there is no reason not too. Not only is it good for the animal population but it is healthier for your pet.
  • Heartgard – Heartworm is not seasonal and if your pet gets them the treatment is extremely expensive and not always effective. The best treatment for heartworms is prevention. Heartgard is an easy monthly treatment that will keep your pet healthy for life.
  • Frontline – There are times of the year that fleas are worse, but because it is a warmer climate in New Mexico we are always in flea season. You can give your pet a topical monthly flea and tick treatment and keep them flea and tick free.