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New Law! Everyone has to Microchip

Albuquerque MicrochipStarting August 26, 2013 a new ordinance in Bernalillo takes effect. All cats and dogs in Bernalillo County must be microchipped. The county is doing this to help cut down on the number of strays and un-reunited missing pets. Microchips help ensure that if your pet is lost, when they are found they will be returned to their owner. They also track shot records and spay/neuter status. Read more about microchips.

Bernalillo is working to create a safer place for our states pets and our citizens.

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Highlights of the new ordinance:

• All dogs and cats must be microchipped.

• Animals that are found running loose twice will be required to be sterilized.

• Dogs can no longer be tethered/chained. Dogs must be contained in a yard, behind a fence or in a kennel of adequate size to allow for exercise and room to play or jump around without hitting themselves against the enclosure.

• It is now illegal to transport your dogs in the open bed of a truck. It must be in a kennel or crate secured to the truck.

• A litter permit is needed if your dog has puppies or your cat has kittens.

• A breeder permit is required for every animal used for that purpose.