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Pet new year resolutions

New Years Resolutions for Your Pets

Today is the day that everyone is making their New Years resolutions. What is your’s this year? Quit smoking, exercise more, eat healthier? What about making a New Years resolution for your dog?

Pet new year resolutions

Here are some great New Years Resolutions you can make for your pet.

  1. Get More Exercise: Getting more exercise is good for both you and your pet. If you have a dog, trying going out on daily walks. If you have a cat, try just playing with them more.  A laser pointer is a great way to get your kitty running around.
  2. Go Out! Your dog loves to get out. Try taking him to a dog park once a week, or going on a walk on the bosque.
  3. Dental Cleaning: Your dog needs to have an annual dental cleaning just like you do. The healthier the teeth the healthier the dog. 
  4. Annual Checkup: Going to the vet, or doctor, is important for pets and humans. Schedule your appointment today to bring your pet in for their annual checkup. 
  5. Better diet: It is time to reevaluate what you pet is eating. Try putting them on a healthier diet. Talk to your vet about if your pet should be on a low-fat or any other specialty diet. 

Just like humans, regular veterinary care and good diet and exercise will help keep your pet healthy longer and they will live a longer and happier life. Make those New Years resolutions to keep yourself, and your pet healthy in 2019.