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Scanning for a microchip

No More Pet Licenses!

Scanning for a microchip

This is big news for Albuquerque pet owners. Pet licenses are no longer required! The City of Albuquerque has decided to change the law that said you have to have a license for all pet cat’s and dog’s and have them microchipped. As of December 2019, you only need to get your pet a microchip. This will not only help the city cut down on expenses and unnecessary paperwork, but will also help ensure that pets that get lost can easily be rehomed. Albuquerque wants to decrease their stray pet population by helping to reunite cats and dogs with their families.

Microchipping is a safe and easy, non-surgical, procedure. It can be done during a walk in visit to the Albuquerque veterinary clinic, or at the same time as a surgery. The microchips are inserted quickly under the skin and then registered with the owners information. This means you can update your microchip if you move. Once the procedure is done, it never has to be done again.

If you have not gotten your dog or cat microchipped, you can bring them into to our Albuquerque daily walk-in shot clinic, and you don’t need to be getting vaccinations to get your microchip.