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Older Cats and Matted Fur

matted fur vetcoIf you have an older cat you may notice that they have started to get matted fur.  This is pretty common in older cats.  Arthritis often prevents the from being able to reach parts of their body like their back and hips. Older cats also tend to not be as good at bathing themselves overall, which can lead to matted fur.

The best way to tackle matted fur is to help prevent it. Helping your cat with their grooming is the easiest prevention. Brushing them regularly and getting them baths (best to do this at the groomers) will help.

If they do have mats you will want to either cut them out or work them out. If your cat has a really big mat that may be too big to work out. If you can, take scissors and cut them out. If she has really bad mats, you may need to ask your groomer to take them out. They have special tools that make it easier to remove them. Easier to do and easier on your cat.

You can put cornstarch in the mat and work it in with your fingers. This will help the fur separate. Once you have worked it in with your fingers and started to tease our the fur, you can use a wide-toothed comb to work out the rest.

Keep in mind when combing out mats that they can be very painful for your cat. Be gentle and take your time.