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Party with Your Pets: Thanksgiving Party Safety Tips

albuquerque thanksgivingDo you like to have a large group over to your house for Thanksgiving dinner?  Do you have to find table to add on to your tables? It is great to have a lot of people to your house for Thanksgiving dinner, but it is not always great for your pets. Here are some Thanksgiving party tips to help keep your pets safe.

  • Guests are stressful: New people can make pets anxious. New people bring a flurry of activity, more noise, and a lot of excitement. This can sometimes cause your pets to want to withdraw to get away from all the hullabaloo or they get so excited they start exhibiting behaviors that they don’t normally have, like nipping or peeing on the floor. If you know your pet gets nervous, put them in their crate or in a room away from all the activity. Give them their favorite toy and a nice blanket to sleep on.
  • Pets are stressful to guests: Not all guests may be comfortable with your pets. If anyone has a compromised immune system (pregnancy, medication, illness), they may need to take extra precaution to be around your pets so make sure to let them know in advance.  Also keep in mind that not all people are comfortable around all animals, especially exotic pets. Keeping your pets separate lets them stay calm and helps reduce their anxiety. If you have a guest that would like to see your pet, you can bring them into the room, away from everyone else.
  • Running for the door: If your pet is mingling with all the guests make sure to keep an eye on the door. People are likely to be going in and out and you don’t want your dog or cat to make a break for it and find themselves outside when they weren’t meant to be. Make sure you pets are microchipped so if they do get out they can be easily returned to you.
  • Decorations: With parties come decorations. Even though you don’t look at your candles or garlands and say yum, your dog or cat might. Don’t leave your dog or cat alone in a room with decorations. Eating them could make them very ill and if they knock over candles they could set things on fire.

If you notice your pet vomiting, having diarrhea, lethargic, or loss of appetite please call your vet immediately.