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Pee on the Pad not on the Floor! Puppy Pad Training Tips

Puppy pad trainingTraining your dog to pee on a puppy pad is easy! All you need are some tips and tricks that will help make the training process easier. Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows how much of an inconvenience it can be when they don’t know where to go potty, or worse yet if they choose not to go inside at all. With these helpful hints, you’ll have your pup trained in no time!

-A puppy that pees on your floor is more likely to return to the same spot to pee. If they are already peeing on the floor, try putting your puppy pad in that spot. If you don’t want them to pee in that spot, make sure to clean up their mess with a product such as Natures Miracle so it gets rid of all the bacteria and smell. Remember dogs can smell better than you so just because it smells clean to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t still smell like urine to them.

– Make sure that the puppy pad is always in an easily accessible spot. You don’t want your dog to have to search for it, as this will only make things more difficult. When they look like they have to go potty put them on a leash and walk them to the puppy pad then say “potty”. If they go on the pad, give them lots of praise to let them know that is what you wanted them to do.

– If your dog has an accident outside of the designated puppy pad area, don’t punish them! Simply clean up the mess and continue training as usual. Punishing your dog will only create confusion and may hinder their progress. If your dog it use to going potty outside, learning to go inside can feel like they are doing something wrong. Give them lots of praise when they do something right and don’t acknowledge when they do something wrong.

– Reward! Reward! Reward! We cannot emphasize this enough. Reward your pup when they successfully pee on the puppy pad. Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to training dogs!

-Be Regular. When you first start training you will need to walk them over to the puppy pad a lot at first. It will take them a while to understand that you want them to go there.

-Grass is fun! For dogs that are used to going outside, sometimes they don’t like the feel of going on the pad. There are puppy pad accessories that are fake grass that your dog can pee on. This gives them the feel of going outside but they are still using the pad.

-Clean up. You need to clean up the pad after your dog uses it. In the beginning, you may leave one pee spot on there because they are attracted to the smell. But you should not leave the pee sitting for very long. Some dogs don’t like to go potty where they just went so leaving any mess may deter them from using the pad.

It’s easy to let your dog stay inside all day as long as they have a puppy pad. Letting your pup roam the house without any access to an outside bathroom can lead them to develop bladder problems and other health issues, so it is best for you and their wellbeing if you train them early on how to use a puppy pad. Puppies are eager learners! If you have any health concerns about your puppy’s potty habits, please visit your local Albuquerque vet and make sure to bring your puppy into Vetco for all their puppy shots!