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Pet Dehydration – Be On The Lookout

dehydrated dogPet Dehydration – Be On The Lookout

Dehydration is a common emergency in which a dog (or any other pet) loses the ability to replace vital electrolytes and water. In New Mexico, especially during the summer months and at high altitudes, dehydration can onset quickly.

Pet dehydration can be caused by illness, but it can also be onset by heat stroke, which may occur if your pet is overactive or does not get enough water.

There are several symptoms to be on the lookout for. Being mindful can be the difference between a drink of water and a very sick pet. The most common symptom of dehydration is the loss of skin elasticity. If your pet’s face looks gaunt and if, when pulled lightly, the skin will not readily come back to its original place, you must get your pet some hydration immediately.

Another symptom is xerostomia in dogs, wherein gums lose moistness and become dry and sticky. You pet’s saliva will also become thick. In advanced stages, your dog may go into shock.

If your dog is suffering from severe dehydration, you must seek immediate medical attention from your local New Mexico veterinarian. They will be able to administer intravenous (IV) fluids and help your pet return to normal. This level of dehydration is not to be taken lightly

Prevention is key. Unless your pet is suffering a greater illness, dehydration is avoidable. Make sure to always bring water and a portable bowl for your pet. You can even leave these items in your care just in case. If you believe your pet may be experiencing dehydration, getting your loved one to drink more may not be easy at home, and additional care may be required. Contact your local Vetco office and our veterinarians will help you to make sure your pet gets all the nourishment it needs.