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Pet Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month

pet_dental_monthFebruary is National Pet Dental Health Month! It is time to bring your pet into Albuquerque Vetco for a dental cleaning.  Dental health is more than just a nice smile and good smelling breath. It can actually prolong your pets life.

Health teeth mean a healthy pet!

Poor dental health can lead to some severe ongoing health complications. Unhealthy teeth can lead to periodontal disease, which is very preventable. You pet can have tooth decay, abscesses, infections which can lead to poor eating, larger infections that start in the mouth, and horrible breath. Even without horrible things like abscesses, plaque buildup on your pets teeth can make it hard for them to eat leading to potential malnutrition.

Steps to Health Teeth

Brush your pets teeth weekly – this will help reduce the amount of tartar buildup.

Give them teeth cleaning treats – there are great treats that help clean your pets teeth as they eat them

Food – there are pet foods out there that actually reduce the amount of tartar formed

Annual cleanings – bring your pet into the vet for their annual cleaning. They will get a full dental checkup, and dental health issues will be addressed, and their teeth will be returned to pearly white.


Call Vetco today to schedule your annual pet dental cleaning today!