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Pet Dental Health Month

cat dental healthFebruary is Pet Dental Health month! This is the lesser-known celebration in February…I’m sure you know the other one we are talking about, lol. This month is a great reminder that pet dental health is really important, not only does it keep them from having breath that makes you think they raised the dead but it helps their overall health and to live a longer life.


Most people don’t really know about pet dental health, or they think they do. We found this fun way to test your knowledge about pet dental health with a quiz from the American Veterinary Medical Association. They are even doing a fun Facebook dental health sharing event, you can share a pic of your pet’s teeth with the hashtag #PetDental.


Albuquerque Vetco offers routine pet dental cleanings which will clean all the plaque off your pet’s teeth and take care of any extractions that need to happen. We can also remove deciduous teeth. You can even save $15 off your dental cleaning with our dental cleaning promotion.


You should get your pet’s teeth cleaned annually as well as regularly brush their teeth. Watch this great video on how to brush your pet’s teeth to learn how.