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Pet Fountains: The Healthier Water for Your Pet

cat fountainFountains for pets provide a healthy way to make sure your dog or cat is hydrated, while also giving you peace of mind when they’re out. With faucets that dispense clean drinking water at any time in the day, it’s easy not only on them but yourself too!

1. Who Loves Running Water?
Have you ever seen a cat drinking from the tap or playing with water? Pets absolutely love to drink and play around moving fountains. That’s because it taps into their animal instincts of wanting anything that has depth like streams, rivers, etc., by encouraging them for hours on end until they’re satisfied!

Cats are known to be picky drinkers and you might often see them tapping the water before drinking it. That’s why having an actively running source of fresh, naturally oxygenated water for your cat will surely grab their attention! This natural design can also help keep other animals in mind with its aesthetics as well – after all, most dogs love moving streams or rivers too because they offer some relief from dry heat during hot months as we have in Albuquerque during the summer.


2. Tastes and Smells Better

Both cats and dogs have an incredible sense of smell. Did you know that our tap water is filled with chemicals that your cat and dog can smell and may not like? Pet fountains typically have filters that will filter out the chemicals and make the water smell and taste better. Also, it will help filter out the yuckies that get in their water from licking it.


3. Keeping it Cool

Nearly every article about the health of your pet includes keeping fresh, cool, clean water nearby for them to drink. Using a pet fountain will naturally keep their drinking water cool, helping your cat or dog stay fully refreshed.


4. Fewer Refills

One of the best things about pet fountains is they typically hold more water than a traditional water bowl. Some will hold over 6 liters of water! This means more water for your pet and fewer trips to the water bowl for you.


5. Cleaner Water

If you have ever seen a pool of still water versus one that is flowing will know that still water gets dirty and stagnant where moving water stays cleaner. This is true of ponds and your water bowl. Moving the water through the fountain prevents the gross build-up in the bowl, originates it helping it stay clear of bacteria, filtering out chemicals and other nasty stuff, and removing all the grody odors too.


Pet fountains are healthier and more interesting to your pet. The moving water will encourage your pet to drink more water because they will enjoy it more than out of a bowl. You will enjoy fewer refills, cleaner water, and the soothing sounds of the flowing water.