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Does my pet really need an annual exam?

Cat Dog SurgeryThe short answer? Yes.

The long answer? Yes, they do.

The annual exam is the only way to monitor your pet’s ongoing health. Your vet can track changes to make sure that there are not any big changes year to year in your pet’s health. The vet will also look for signs of any problems and catch them before they become a serious threat to your pet’s health. The vet will look at your pet’s skin, fur, eyes, ears, heart, lungs, joints, weight and even organs!

Most of the time an annual exam is a simple check up, but if anything is found you will be able to address is quickly and hopefully before it becomes an issue. This is also a great time to ask your vet any questions you may have about their health, diet or exercise. As our pet’s get older some of our care may need to change, and these are issues you vet will bring up with you.

Give your pet the best holiday gift. Give them a gift of health. Schedule your annual exam today.