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Pet Safe Thanksgiving Day Treats

Vetco Thanksgiving It is hard to resist those big puppy eyes when you are making your Thanksgiving dinner. But there are a lot of foods that are not safe for your pets. So share in the Thanksgiving food and give your pet some safe turkey day treats. Remember, if your dog starts throwing up, acting lethargic or having diarrhea, call you vet immediately. He might be having a reaction to something he ate.

  • Veggies: aThe kids may scoff at the green stuff, but your dog will likely love it! When you are cooking up your green bean casserole or buttered squash, save a little for your pup.  Cooked vegetables like pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and peas are terrific options for cats and dogs. Plus the vegetables are good for them.
  • Bones:  Your dog may want your turkey bones, but no matter how much he begs you cannot give him one. Many bones can splinter and break when chewed, and cooking them actually makes them more brittle. If you want to give your dog a bone, ask the butcher for a knuckle bone or a femur from a cow.
  • Turkey: Turkey meat is actually very good for your dog and cat. It is a very healthy meat. Make sure you prepare it correctly so your pet stays safe and healthy. Do not give them uncooked meat. Make sure all the meat is fully cooked. Remove the skin and make sure there are no bones. Just like people, your dog can get salmonella poisoning. Make sure that the meat has been prepared properly and not left out for over 2 hours. You can add the turkey to their regular food, or you can grind it up. Ground turkey meat is a great way to prepare it for your cat. Do not give them gravy or any dressing. Dressings and gravy are often dangerous for your pets and can give them diarrhea.
  • Giblets:  If you ever wondered what to do with your turkey giblets, try boiling them and giving them to your pet. They are super yummy and your dog or cat will love love love them!
  • Kong: If your dog is anything like mine then he likely eats up every treat you give him, lickety split! A great way to keep him occupied is to put the treat inside a Kong toy. He will have something to play with and it will take him a while to dig the food out of the kong. It might give you a break from begging puppy eyes!

Turkey Day Don’ts

  • Don’t give your dog Turkey bones or any part of the carcass.  The bones are brittle and can break off into small pieces causing damage to their mouth, throat and stomach.
  • No cranberries, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes or anything with herbs – Many of our Thanksgiving foods have great tasting things in them like onions, raisins, grapes, and herbs that are super delicious to us but toxic for your pup. So better to be safe than sorry, and just don’t share.
  • Don’t share your beer or wine. They might like it but it can cause them serious health complications that can cause them to go into a coma. So put your glass on the table instead of the floor.
  • No dessert for doggie! Chocolate is toxic for dogs and most other deserts will give them an upset stomach and you may end up cleaning up more than just dishes.
  • No raw dough! If you are baking bread, make sure that your dog doesn’t get into the bow. The dough can rise in their stomach causing big issues.

Here are some more Thanksgiving Pet Tips!