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Pet Safety Tips for Easter

pet easter saftey albuquerqueEaster is fun for the whole family. Keep it fun with the Easter Pet Safety Tips

Say No to Easter Grass

Easter grass is really common in kids baskets. Dogs and cats love to chew on it. However, it can be very bad for them causing serious gastrointestinal upset.  Try using tissue paper instead or just keep the grass out of reach of your pets

Keep Chocolate Away From Pets

Chocolate contains theobromine and can cause hyperactivity, seizures, and an elevated heart rate in dogs. Keep all chocolate away from your dog no matter how much she begs.

Xylitol is Toxic to Pets

Xylitol is a sweetener that is used as a sugar substitute in many candies. It is also toxic to dogs and cats. If your pet ingests it, a drop in blood sugar can occur and cause problems such as seizures and liver failure. Keep your pets away from any candy.

Easter Lilies are Toxic to Cats

Easter lilies are very pretty and cats love to chew on them. These flowers are toxic to cats and can cause vomiting and lethargy. If you can’t keep your cat off the counter and away from the Easter Lilie, then you may want to keep the Lilie out of the house.

Don’t Your Easter Eggs

Real and fake Easter eggs look like toys to your dog. But if your dog eats or chews on a fake plastic egg it can cause intestinal issues. Real eggs that were hidden and spoil can also cause stomach upset. So if you hide eggs, make sure to keep track of where they are, because your dog will find them.

If you think your pet has eaten or chewed on something that was making your pet sick, please call your Los Lunas veterinarian immediately. Stay safe and have a Happy Easter.