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Pets in the UNM Dorm

pets at UNM

Albuquerque has been voted as being one of the most dog friendly cities in America! Well, UNM has added to the list of reasons why we are so pet friendly. University of New Mexico has launched a pilot program that allows students to have pets in some of the living spaces on campus. This is the first year of the project, and how it goes this year will determine if it gets extended for another year.

This new program at UNM is making it a very unusual university. Even most universities that are described as pet friendly do not allow pets in the dorms, but UNM is making waves. Allowing pets is a push to try to increase the number of students living on campus. Currently there are 2 locations that allow pets, Santa Clara Hall and the Student Residence Center. Many students have chosen not to live on campus because they are not allowed pets. This pilot program may solve that issue.

An interesting perk is that it is not just attracting students with pets, it is also attracting students that just want to be around pets. Sometimes people want to have pets present but don’t want to have to take care of them. There are students living in the pet friendly rooms that do not have pets and they are allowed to add a pet at any time.

“I’ve heard a lot of the residents moving in, the main reason that they are here is just to be around pets,” said Kye Glover, a senior business marketing major. “A lot of them aren’t bringing pets. They just want to be in an environment around them. A lot of them have said they want all the fun aspect of pets and not have to take care of them.”

This new pet policy does not affect service or emotional support animals.

To have a pet on campus, they have to be registered with the city, follow all state and campus ordinances, and be vaccinated. Thankfully, Albuqueque Vetco offers low-cost vaccination at our daily walk in shot clinics. We know that college students are tight on funds, so grab a vaccination coupon to save even more money on your shots.

We are so excited that UNM is being so progressive with pets!