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Little Plants of Horror! Plants That are Toxic to Pets

Let’s face it, dogs and cats tend to eat almost everything. How often have you caught your cat chewing on your favorite plant or your dog licking something they are not supposed to? Have you ever had your cat or dog come in from being in the backyard and suddenly start vomiting? Sometimes it is not just from eating the grass but can be from eating a toxic plant that was in your yard.

A good number to have is the ASPCA Animal Poison Control phone numberĀ  (888) 426-4435

If you think your pet has eaten something toxic, call them immediately.

Right now everyone is planning their garden and planting spring flowers. The bosque is starting to come alive with green leaves on the trees and of course allergies are kicking people in the teeth. It is a really good idea to check the plants that you want to get against the list (below) of plants that are toxic to your pet. It would be so great if the nurseries would put little warning signs on the plants, but sadly, we have to do all of our own research. It is better to do the research up front than to have your pet puking all over your house because they ate your garden and now have toxic plant poisoning.


If your pet starts showing the following symptoms and you think it is because they ate something, you should call the hotline.

  • vomiting
  • diarrhea
  • lethargy
  • seizure
  • coma

DO NOT induce vomiting. Do not ignore symptoms. Do not leave them alone. If you see symptoms call the poison control hotline or an emergency vet and ask what you should do. If you suspect your cat or dog has toxic plant poisoning you need to call the hotline and go to an emergency vet clinic immediately. Regular, non-emergency, vet clinics are highly unlikely to be able to treat your pet in time. Some of the toxic plants can cause long term health issues, and in the worst cases lead to death.

The ASPCA has put together a great list of toxic plants. This is not completely inclusive but contains plants that are more commonly asked about.

Plants Toxic to Dogs

Plants Toxic to Cats

These are great lists to consult as you start planning your spring garden.