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Preventative Steps For Pet Lovers to Ensure a Flea-Free Summer

flea preventionThere is nothing worse for a pet owner than having a home infested with fleas. These little critters seem to come out of nowhere, and they can cause misery for your dog or cat. As the warmer summer months arrive and the risk of a flea invasion increases, now is a great time to start taking preventative measures to avoid having to share your home with fleas.

Prevention Tips for Fleas

Preventing fleas is not something that you can worry about once a year and then forget about: It is a constant battle. However, by taking a few simple steps you can help to ensure that your home remains flea free.

The first thing to do is ensure that your pets receive regular flea treatment. This could consist of flea collars, medications, or topical treatments like sprays and powders (ask your vet which is the best option for your pets).

Most flea treatments will need to be reapplied every month or so, but this depends upon the treatment that you use. Some treatments kill the fleas themselves, whereas others kill the eggs and larvae. Make sure you read the instructions carefully and don’t assume that once you have treated your pets your home will be safe from infestation for another year.

As well as treating your pets regularly, make sure that you keep your home tidy. Regular vacuuming can help to suck up any eggs hidden in the carpets, and it is also a good idea to wash your pet’s bed regularly to kill any fleas and eggs that it may be harboring. For dogs, a good wash every once in a while will also be a good preventative measure (although it does not take the place of specialist flea treatment).

Also, don’t assume that because your pet never leaves the house it will not become a victim of fleas. Even cats that spend all their time indoors can become affected by fleas, so they still need to be treated.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home

Even if you take all of the preventative measures, there is still a chance that your home could become invested with fleas. If so, you will need to eradicate them. The first thing to do if fleas are present is to clean your home throughout. Vacuum all of the carpets and throw out the vacuum bag afterward so that the eggs do not hatch inside your home. You should also consider steam cleaning the carpets to kill any eggs that the vacuum did not catch.

As well as the carpets, wash all of the bedding, including your pet’s bedding. Wash this all on a high temperature, and vacuum your mattress as well. If the infestation is serious, professional help may be required, and a professional may fumigate the entire property to kill all of the remaining fleas.

At the same time as you treat your property, make sure you also treat your pets by washing them if possible and applying a specialist treatment.

Keep Your Home Free of Fleas

Fleas are not only a frustration, but they can also cause more serious problems for your pets. Make sure you follow the preventative tips to stop them from infesting your home, and always act quickly if you suspect that your pets have fleas. If in doubt, always talk to your vet and ask for their advice, especially when it comes to which treatments they recommend for your pets.

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