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Snakes in New Mexico

Rattlesnake vaccine reminder

Snakes in New MexicoDo you like to go out hiking with your dog? Hiking is a big part of the outdoor culture here in New Mexico. Who doesn’t love to go up in the Sandia Mountains and hike up Elena Gallegos? The reality here in New Mexico is that you may run across a rattlesnake when hiking. Trust me when I say, they want to see you about as much as you want to see them.


Did you know that your dog is more likely to find a rattlesnake than you are? This is because your dog is likely to get out on the trail and run around, stick their nose into bushes, and explore every fun sound they hear. Rattlesnakes love to stay hidden under rocks or under bushes, which is exactly where Fido likes to stick his nose.


There is no good thing about being bitten by a rattlesnake. Thankfully, we offer a rattlesnake vaccine. The rattlesnake vaccine reduces the effect of the snake’s venom which greatly increases your dog’s survival rate.  The shot is a 2 part shot. Once you get the first dose, there is a booster dose one month later. The shot is an annual shot that you can get at our daily shot clinics.  As we approach the end of summer, and the weather is starting to cool down, you may be thinking about hiking again. Getting the vaccine now would get you prepared for some great fall weather hikes.


So how can you protect your dog from rattlesnake bites?

  • Stay on the paths. The snakes are less likely to be on the path where people are regularly walking.
  • Keep your dog on a leash when walking. This will keep them from wandering off the path and finding a snake.
  • Do not let your dog dig under the rocks this is a favorite place for a snake to hang out.
  • Do not let your dog go into brush and bushes. This is another spot that rattlesnakes like to be.


Call Vetco to get your rattlesnake vaccine or stop into one of our shot clinics. If you and your dog love to be in the great outdoors you will be thankful that you took this extra step to protect them.