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Snakes in New Mexico

Rattlesnake’s are Biting in Albuquerque- Get the Rattlesnake Vaccine

Snakes in New MexicoNew Mexico has rattlesnakes and thankfully the rattlesnake vaccine. This is not likely news to you. Many of us have seen them in the mountains, on the Bosque or even in our own backyards. Most of the time rattlesnakes want to stay away from us. They come with this great warning system to let us know if we are getting too close to them, their rattle. Though most dogs have a natural fear of snakes, some highly curious dogs override that fear which makes them susceptible to bites.  If you like to hike with your dog, you are at an even higher risk because even if your dog is not that curious, sometimes rattlesnakes will bite without warning. So if your dog runs up on one unnoticed, the snake could strike before your dog even knows to turn around.

The good thing is that Vetco offers the rattlesnake vaccine with reduces the effect of the venom from a rattlesnake bite.

Rattlesnake bites are painful but they can also cause some serious damage. The area where the bite is will get swollen, the venom impairs the ability of blood to clot, your dog can go into shock and it can even cause death. The treatment is an anti-venom which neutralizes the venom, pain medication, IV fluids and antibiotics for any potential infection. Even with treatment, your dog may have long-term health issues.

Thankfully with the rattlesnake vaccination at Vetco in Albuquerque, it will actively help prevent the severity of the envenomation. Not only will it help reduce the effects of the venom and potential long-term complications, but it may save your dog’s life.

The vaccination is mostly an annual to biannual vaccine. When you get the first vaccination your dog will need a booster one month later. Then you will only need to get it annually, or every 6 months if you live in an area that has rattlesnakes all year. Talk to your veterinarian about the frequency for rattlesnake vaccinations.

It is best to get the booster done in the summer during prime hiking season. This will cover him for the summer months as the vaccination is most effective for the first 4 to 6 weeks after vaccination.

When hiking with your dog please follow good safety rules:

  1. Stay on paths.
  2. Keep your dog on a leash.
  3. Discourage digging under rocks
  4. Discourage running through brush.


You can get the rattlesnake vaccine in our daily walk-in shot clinic. If you have question about if the vaccine is right for you, please call Vetco to speak with a veterinarian.