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Reading to Rescues

Albuquerque Rescue vetThere are many reasons we love the Albuquerque animal community. This new program by Mayor Berry is one to add to the list! He has launched a program called Reading to Rescues.

Mayor Richard J. Berry unveiled the program while students from Garfield Middle School got to read to the dogs at Lucky Paws. It’s part of Animal Welfare’s “Companion Readers” pilot program.

Not only does it benefit the kids, it benefits the animals too. This is a great way to work on the kids reading and to give these rescues some loving attention.

“It allows them to learn how to read to someone else or a pet, which I believe will lead to the more likelihood of them reading to their children when their kids are young. It allows the pets to be more socialized, more adoptable. It’s a real win, win situation,” said Mayor Berry.

Learn more at the City of Albuquerque website.

If you adopt a rescue, they should have their vaccinations up to date. But we do recommend bringing them in for their first annual check up. Call the Vetco veterinarian clinic to make an appointment.