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5 Ways to Reduce Your Cats Stress

albuquerque catIt is funny to think of cats as being stressed out. Most of us look at cats, laying about, and think “what a life!”. But cat’s can easily get stressed out which can have big affects on their health.  Some of the ways cats show stress is by Yowling, hair loss, loss of appetite, angry behavior such as scratching and biting, inappropriate urination (aka urinating on things that are not the litter box). Some of these signs can also be signs of other issues, so always have your cat’s health checked out by your vet.

How to Reduce Your Cat’s Stress

  1. Alone time: Cat’s need a place they can escape to and be alone. Depending on your cat, yours might need more than others. They prefer somewhere off the ground where they can be out of reach of people and dogs.
  2. Food: Make sure your cat has easy access to food, water and a litter box. These things should be away from other people and pets so they can eat or go potty without being disturbed. Cat’s like their privacy too!
  3. Scratching Post: It is part of a cat’s natural instinct to scratch. No one wants them scratching up the furniture, but not having a place to scratch can be stressful. Give them a scratching post where they can satisfy the need to scratch.
  4. Toys: If your cat is an outdoor cat, then likely he gets a lot of chasing birds, butterflies, and bugs. Cat’s have a strong predatory instinct. They want to chase things. If your cat is an indoor cat, and your house isn’t riddled with mice for them to hunt, give them some things to play with. Not only will it make them happier but it is good exercise.
  5. Humans: Cats need their people. They want to have human interaction. Every cat is different, some like to be picked up, some want to sit on your lap or next to you, some want to be pet. But make sure to spend some quality time with your feline friend every day.