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safe for cats to eat mice

Is It Safe For My Cat To Eat Mice?

safe for cats to eat miceIs It Safe For My Cat To Eat Mice?

Cats are natural mousers. It is one of the benefits of having a cat in your house, especially during big mouse years like 2014. However, there are some health hazards to your cat catching and eating mice.


Parasites are one of the biggest concerns. Your cat may be free of fleas and intestinal parasites, but that mouse may not be. A cat can get infected with Roundworm by eating a mouse. These worms live in your pets intestines but the larvae are found in muscle. This means that your pet doesn’t have to eat the whole mouse. Biting into it could be enough to infect them. Worms can be tough to get rid of.  If you suspect your cat has worms, talk to the vet immediately about treatment options.


This is one of the few animal infections that can be passed on to people. If your cat eats an infected mouse, they too can become infected. This is more serious in dogs, causing potentially serious health complications, in cats it usually causes very little harm.

Secondary Poisoning

If you have mouse or rat poison set out, and the mouse at it, and then the cat ate the mouse, there is a small chance that your cat could get poisoned as well. The risk is dependent on how long ago the mouse at the poison and how much was consumed. But if you cat goes on a mouse eating binge, then it is possible to get enough of the poison in her system to cause a problem. If you think your cat has eaten mouse poison, call your vet immediately.


If your cat is just catching the mice and not eating them, their risk is reduced. Often a cat that is well fed will not actually eat his catch, but will just present it to you.  If you are concerned that your cat has gotten sick from eating mice, bring them to your vet for an evaluation.