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human dog food ok to eat

Safe Food for Dogs

human dog food ok to eat

We spoke about what your dogs can’t eat, let’s talk about what your dogs can eat. There are a lot of great foods out there that are yummy and healthy for your dog to eat.

  • lean meat (no skin and excess fat removed)
  • eggs
  • bananas
  • apple slices
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • watermelon
  • cantaloupe
  • cranberries
  • mangoes
  • oranges
  • peaches
  • pears
  • pineapples
  • raspberries
  • broccoli
  • brussels sprouts
  • carrots
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • green beans
  • peas
  • potatoes (only if cooked)
  • spinach
  • sweet potatoes
  • White rice (cooked)

Typically it is a good idea to remove seeds from any fruits, and stay away from canned or pickled vegetables, though frozen is ok.

Ask Your Vet

If you are not sure if it is ok to feed it to your dog, call our local Albuquerque veterinarians and ask. We are happy to go over your dog’s dietary and nutrition needs. If your dog starts showing symptoms such as upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhoea, weakness, it is a good idea to call your vet. It is always better to be caustious becuase waiting too long, if your dog has toxic food poisoning, could be deadly.

Can’t Reach Your Vet?

If you can’t reach your vet you can alwayscall the animal poison hotline at 888-232-8870. You can also try the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at 888-426-4435.

Never induce vomiting without the supervision of a veterinarian. This can cause more damage. Always consult with your vet before you try any veterinary interventions.