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Say No to Easter Grass and other Pet Safety Tips

Easter is a fun holiday for the family. Even pets love it! Everyone goes outside and runs around finding things. That sounds like dog paradise to me! Just like all holidays, there are safety issues for pets that you should keep in mind as you plan for the holiday celebration. Here are some safety suggestions to keep your furry family members safe.

Image by Sven Lachmann from Pixabay

Easter Lilies

Did you know that Easter lilies are toxic to cats? Easter lilies are beautiful plants and they make great gifts but they can make your cat very ill. In some plants, only part of the plant is poisonous but in this case, all parts are poisonous, even the pollen. If cats ingest eve small amounts like a couple of leaves or have pollen on their fur when they are grooming, it can lead to kidney issues or even kidney failure. If you think your cat has ingested any part of an Easter Lily you need to call your emergency vet immediately. If you do get an Easter Lily make sure to keep it completely out of reach of your cat, or better yet, give it to your dog-loving neighbor.


Hidden Eggs

Hiding eggs is so much fun! Who doesn’t love watching the kiddo’s go running around like crazy trying to find all the eggs. Some people hide plastic eggs filled with candy and toys and some people hide real eggs. Either way, you want to make sure that your pets don’t get their paws on your eggs. The candy eggs can make them sick and the real eggs can go bad if left outside too long and make your dog sick. The best way is to count your eggs as you hide them so that way you know if they were all picked up.

Easter Grass

Are you excited to put together the Easter basket for your kids? I always have so much fun putting those together (I even make one for my pets). Easter grass is a traditional part of an Easter basket. That is the fake grass, plastic or paper, that people put in the bottom of the basket to make it look like the contents of the basket are sitting in grass. These strands of grass are fun for cats and dogs to chew on but wreak havoc in their guts. It is better if you don’t use it at all, but if you do, make sure to throw it away immediately and vacuum any bits up off the floor.


No surprise, chocolate is on the list of no-nos. We are not going to tell you to not give your kids chocolate on Easter, just make sure to keep it away from your pets. Do not let your dog lick your kid’s chocolate-covered hands, or eat their chocolate bunny. If you are worried that your dog ate any chocolate, get in touch with your vet immediately.

A Cat or Dog Basket

If you are worried that your pet will feel left out of the action or won’t want to stay away from your kid’s basket, try giving them their own basket. You can put fun toys and treats in a basket just for them. Maybe this will keep them from digging their nose into your kids baskets….at least for a little while.