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School is in Session in New Mexico for Kids and Dogs!

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School is in session…well, kind of. Covid-19 has really caused a lot of changes. Only 5 people allowed in Vetco at once, everyone is wearing masks properly (over their nose and mouth) at all times, only 1 person per pet(s) ( 1 person can bring in multiple pets but not multiple people per multiple pet), we ask that you do not bring children if possible, anyone feeling ill should wait until they are feeling healthy before bringing their pet in for a procedure, and kids are going to school from their computer. However, Fall is fall and we all get the itch to start getting things done before winter sets in. As you are doing your kids school shopping and buying those end of season garden necessities, you may find yourself with a new dog. Here is a great checklist to make sure your pet is getting “back to school”.

Back to School Checklist for Pets

  1. Enroll them in school! It sounds funny, but if you have a new puppy, or even an adult dog, now is a great time to enroll them in dog training classes. You may not want to bring your pup to an in person training school. Thankfully there are a lot of great resources for online dog training. Check with your local dog training school to see if they will zoom instruction with you. You can also look at Youtube and binge watch some of the Dog Whisperer (We like to do that anyway, its our guilty pleasure).
  2. Flea and Tick Treatment: Make sure you get them started, if you are not already, on their monthly Frontline flea and tick treatment. In Albuquerque we have flea’s year round, so you must stay vigilant and consistent with your flea and tick treatment or you and your pet will be at risk of a flea infestation.
  3. Microchip: If you pet is not yet microchipped, now is the time to do it. It is require by Bernalillo county to have your pet microchipped, but it is also a really good idea. If you pet ever gets separated from you and can’t find their way home, a microchip will help ensure that if they are picked up they will be returned to you quickly.
  4. Fresh Toys! It is a fun time to go shopping for your pet. You are getting all the great school supplies for the kids, what about getting some new bowls or chew toys for your pets. Give them something fun to play with.
  5. Spay or Neuter. After your pet gets spayed or neutered they need time to recuperate and with the kids in school, they get all day at home to relax and heal without having to worry about the kids.
  6. Vaccines! If your pets are not up to date on their vaccines, after you take your kids for their pre-school physical, bring your pet into get their annual checkup and vaccinations.

Albuquerque Vetco would love to help you with your back to school pet checklist. Bring your cat or dog into one of our daily walk-in shot clinics to get them up to date on their shots, microchipped, and pickup your Frontline Flea and Tick.