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Should You Disinfect Your Dog?

Image by oritslama from Pixabay

With Covid-19 continuing to be a problem many people are increasing their efforts to protect themselves. We are seeing more styles of masks coming out, people wearing double masks, or full face shields. Businesses, including the Vetco veterinary clinics, are continuing to follow strict restrictions to keep staff and customers safe. The new strain of the virus that is 70% more contagious is making a lot of people scared that their efforts are not enough. So what can you do?

Continue to do the basics like wear a mask in public and wash your hands. Many of us feel we are using a constant stream of disinfectant and it begs the question of what should you disinfect and when is it just too much? We cannot answer what you should disinfect, however we can tell you one thing to not disinfect and that is your dog. DO NOT DISINFECT YOUR DOG!

Disinfecting your dog can be highly toxic to your dog. Alcohol and bleach can cause burns as well as toxic poisoning that leads to a coma or death. The best way to disinfect your dog is with soap and water.

How to Disinfect Your Dog

  • Give them a bath with dog shampoo and water. Just like washing your hands, this will clean and disinfect your dog.
  • Wash their paws or get booties. If you are worried about them carrying the virus in the house with them after being outside, just wash their paws with soap and water just as you would wash your hands. Alternatively you can put booties on them when they go out and wash the booties when you get home.
  • Cleaning their food and water bowl with soap and water is good enough but if you are concerned, you can use disinfectant on their bowls, but make sure to give them a second wash with soap and water to ensure there is no alcohol or bleach residue.
  • Wash their bedding on the sanitary setting. Most washers have a sanitary setting. If your’s does not, just wash on the highest temperature.
  • DO NOT let your dog eat or drink disinfectant.
  • DO NOT wipe disinfectant on their coat or feet.
  • DO NOT put alcohol or bleach directly on your dog.
  • DO NOT spray your dog with disinfectant.
  • DO NOT use anything that is not “pet safe” on your pets.

Using products that are not pet safe on your pets is a good way to end up in the emergency vet clinic. These products can cause burns, toxicity, and death. This includes naturopathic things as well. Just because it is not a chemical does not mean it is ok for your pet. If you are concerned that your dog has ingested any disinfectant call an emergency vet immediately. Stay safe out there but don’t try to be so safe that you make yourself sick.