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Should You Keep A Ferret As A Pet?

Are you familiar with ferrets? They’re actually a type of weasel that many people have come to appreciate as pets. From the outside, this would make sense. Ferrets are extremely friendly and quite cute. But before you decide to take on all that responsibility, keep reading to make sure it’s the right decision for you.

Rules and Laws

Before we get too far, it’s important that you’re familiar with the rules and laws that govern whether or not you can own a ferret. First, go online to ensure your state, city and county are all ok with you owning a ferret in your home.

Then, if you live in an apartment, be sure it’s not an issue for you to have a ferret in your building either. The last thing you want to do is get attached to the animal only to find out later that you have to get rid of it.

Time and Attention

Ferrets can actually be reliably tame pets much of the time. But the creatures are also exceedingly smart which can work against them at times. So if you want to keep ferrets as pet, you need to have the time to give them the attention they deserve.

Although ferrets are perfectly capable of looking after themselves for long periods of time, they’ll end up getting themselves in all kinds of trouble if you’re not there to give them outside stimulation as well.


The price for a ferret can land anywhere on a pretty wide spectrum. Some people secure their pet for just $65. Other times that price can point north to $250. Of course, you get what you pay for so do some research on the seller before purchasing an animal.

Once you buy the ferret, you can still expect to pay a further $150 to $350 to get it vaccinated (this includes rabies), examined by a veterinarian and other basic supplies you’ll need. While you’re at the vet’s, be sure to ask what they charge for spaying or neutering your new ferret. Otherwise, you’ll have a much bigger, much more expensive problem on your hands down the road.

For those of you looking to save money, consider buying a ferret from someone who can no longer keep it but has already handled those bills.

Of course, going forward, you will need to budget for things like veterinary care, pet medication and other relevant licenses. There will also be food, deodorizing cleansers, liter, medicine, vitamin supplements, hairball remedies, collars, shampoo and other items.

Call Vetco to find out our discounted prices on Ferret care and what we can do for your Ferret’s veterinary care.

Other Members of the Household

Though ferrets make great pets, they’re not right for a child under seven. So while you can still have one as a pet, be sure to supervise how your toddler deals with it. Furthermore, you’ll want to keep an eye on other pets like cats or dogs as they might have designs on your poor little ferret when you’re not around.

As an instinctual hunter, you’ll also have to watch your ferret if you own other pets like fish, birds, lizards, rabbits or other rodents. Ferrets are clever animals and might work out a way to eat them when you’re not around.


Even the cleanest ferrets have a musky smell to them that you will need to either live with or handle. Ferrets can be de-scented, though this will definitely cost you. Be certain you keep their litter clean as well or you’ll risk having an unpleasant smell about your home.

Ferrets can make great pets for those willing to invest the time, money and energy into them. Before you purchase one, then, be sure to read the above article to be sure they’re the right choice for you and your home.

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