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Should Your Pet Wear a Mask?

Image by Andrea Bohl from Pixabay

We are living in some crazy times right now and with the requirement of masks we are seeing an increase in fashion masks as well as pet masks. But the big question most pet owners have is do pets need to wear masks? This is an important question in terms of all of our health in this world of Covid-19. First, though we require humans to wear masks at the Vetco veterinary clinic we do not require pets to wear masks.

Questions about Pet Face Masks

Have there been cases of pets carrying Covid-19?

-Yes there have been a couple of recorded cases though this does not seem to be a widespread or common issue.

Can Pets contract Covid?

-Yes, but the main Covid virus that dogs can contract is not the same as the Covid-19 and is not an issue for people. There is also a vaccine for the canine Covid virus which you can get at our daily walk-in shot clinic.

Can pets transmit Covid-19?

-The short answer is yes, but it is more likely that pets are going to transmit Covid from people petting their coats and transmitting via touch than from them catching the virus.

Do your pets need masks?

-No, they do not need masks. But we are constantly learning more about the Coronavirus and how it is being transmitted. If you are a high risk person or feel anxious about your dog being in public without a mask, by all means have them wear one. It will not hurt your dog or cat to wear one, though they may greatly dislike it.

Pet Mask Safey

If you want your pet to wear a face mask please make sure to follow some basic safety procedures.

  • Not all animals will be ok with wearing a face mask. If you pet shows a lot of distress or anxiety about wearing a mask, you may need to get them gradually use to it by only having them wear it for a few seconds and then slowly increasing the time until they are comfortable wearing it.
  • Make sure the masks fits properly. Human masks are not meant for pets. There are companies that are making masks for pets and you should get one of these custom specialty masks and make sure to follow the fitting instructions.
  • Wash the mask every time your pet wears it. A dirty mask could open your pet to other infections, such as a sinus infection, if they are wearing dirty masks.
  • Do not leave the mask on for more than an hour at a time.

If you want to keep yourself and your pet safe from the Coronavirus, do not allow people to pet your pet without washing or disinfecting their hands first. Keep a 6 foot distance from other animals and other people to reduce potential exposure. If you are concerned that your dog has been touched by an infected person, DO NOT disinfect your dog. You can safely disinfect them by washing them with shampoo but do not use any kind of disinfectant on your dog as that can make them very sick.