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Smoking And Your Dog

Smoking and your dogMillions of people smoke cigarettes every day. The majority of smokers know the harmful effects that smoking has on them and their health. However, few people know, or even consider, just how much damage cigarette smoke might be having on their dogs. Pets react to smoke in a way that is very similar to that of small children.  If you happen to be a smoker and a dog owner, you have to ask yourself, “What is more important, my smoking habit or my dog?”

Smoking Linked to Canine Cancer

Besides the terrible smell, secondhand smoke can be a huge health hazard. Secondhand smoke has been linked to lung and nasal cancer in dogs. If a dog accidentally eats a cigarette or a cigarette butt, it could make him very sick indeed.  Dogs that live in homes with people who smoke tend can have respiratory difficulties. This type of breathing difficulties can manifest as a reduced ability to exercise and cause coughing.

Reasons to Clear the Air

Did you know there are over 4000 chemicals in secondhand smoke?  In fact, the chemicals emitted in secondhand smoke may end up swallowed by the dog when he licks his fur. Some of the chemicals found in the smoke from cigarettes include arsenic and hydrogen cyanide, which are two well-known poisons. Other chemicals from secondhand smoke can be found in common household items like nail polish remover, batteries, mothballs, insecticides, sewer gases, and toilet cleaners. The last thing you want is for any of these chemicals to be accessible by your dog or anywhere near your much-loved dog where they could cause him great harm.

Be a Considerate Smoker

If a dog owner is conscious enough to rarely smoke inside their house or not around their dog, the smoke will have little effect on their pet. So, if you cannot fight the urge and must have a cigarette, go outside to smoke. Once you are finished, dispose of your cigarette butts carefully. It might be a bit of an inconvenience to you, but the negative health effects of breathing in second hand smoke are far more inconvenient for your dog.

More Reason to Quit

There is good news. Many smokers who realize the harmful effects smoking can have on their pet end up giving up the destructive habit altogether. The idea of their habit hurting their pet had more impact than any concern about their own health.  In fact, a recent study showed that over a quarter of readers quit smoking after learning of these effects. Instead of trying to smoke away from your pets, try to quit smoking. This will be much better for your pet, and it will also be better for you.

Smoking is not just harmful for the smoker. Smoking affects the entire household, including your pets. If you really care about your dogs, you will keep them away from the harmful chemicals found in secondhand smoke. No one claims that quitting smoking is easy, but there is help available to you.  It will be well worth the effort to know your pet is safe, and the health benefits for you too are significant.

Being a veterinarian and invisible dog fence specialist is her career, freelance writing is her hobby. Advice and information by Susan Wright, can be found covering many topics including dog based, scientific research.