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Snow Dogs for a Snowy Albuquerque

The farmers almanac is predicting a cold winter this year! If you are looking to get a dog that likes cold weather, here may be some good breeds to chose from.


These cuties are originally from Siberia, and seem to be built for the snow. Used for herding reindeer, pulling sleds and helping to keep their owners warm, Samoyeds are renowned for being able to thrive in harsh conditions and were used to help traverse and explore the north and south poles. Because of their remote origins, Samoyeds are bred independently of other dogs, making them one of four dog breeds to be considered directly descendant of wolves. If you live in the Sandia Mountains, these would be great dogs for you.

Great Pyrenees

These dogs are named of the Pyrenees mountain range, so they do pretty well in the mountains and snow. A great Pyrenees has a special double coat that is particularly weather resistant which made them great dogs to protect herds of sheep from predators while keeping them safe from the cold mountain climate. Good for herding sheep or small children on sleds.


Newfoundlands or Newfies have been the breed of choice for many people, Beyond the major awwwww factor and the fact they come in colors other that white, which makes them easier to find in the snow, the strong, sleek coat of a Newfoundland makes it an ideal choice for colder climates. Newfoundlands are also incredible strong swimmer and love water. They will jump in water pretty much any time they see it. These dogs are great to have in Placitas and Bernalillo, or even the foot hills of Albuquerque. They make excellent family dogs.

Alaskan Malamute

These gorgeous pups are one of the oldest and largest breeds of the Arctic sled dogs. Malamutes, not only being a hardier breed of dog, also have a thick coat to keep them warm and are recognizable by their fluffy, plumed tails. They do better in places that stay colder, so if you live in the Sandia or Manzano mountains, these would be a great dog for you.

Siberian Husky

When most people think of a snow dog, the husky is one of the first breeds to come to mind. Huskies built for the snow, with a dense undercoat, their hunting instincts makes them a perfect choice for a winter hunters. New Mexico has a lot of great winter hunting, so this may be a good dog for you if you like to hunt.