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How to Sooth Your Dog’s Cough

Vet-Co Veterinarian services for dogsCoughing is caused by an irritation in the airway, like inflammation, fluid or infection. Your dog could have a cough for a variety of reasons, from Kennel Cough to heart disease.

Kennel Cough often sounds like a goose and is very honking. It usually comes on suddenly and is very loud. It also tends to go on all day.

Heart Disease coughing usually starts at night when your dog is laying down. It also may be wet and have fluid that accompanies the cough.

Tracheal collapse will sound like a gagging like they are trying to cough up a hairball.

Remedies to ease coughing. 

Turn on a humidifier or put them in a shower, the humidity in the air will help them breathe, open up the airway and soothe the coughing.

Take off the collar, less pressure, use a harness. With a chronic cough, less pressure on their airway is better.

In the case of Kennel Cough, Echinacea and Goldenseal tincture are good for the immune system and can speed recovery. Use 1 drop per pound of body weight twice daily.

Licorice root tincture is a good cough suppressant. Do not use this for more than 5 days.  Do not use if there is liver, kidney or heart disease. 1 drop per pound of body weight, 2 times daily.

Dandelion is the safest diuretic and good for helping remove excess fluid. Use 2 drops per pound of body weight twice daily.

Natural Cough Syrup: 1 tbs honey, 1/2 tsp lemon juice concentrate, some warm water per 20-30lb of dog.  Use a syringe to give the syrup to the dog directly in their mouth. Make sure to give it in small amounts so they can swallow it and not choke on it.


Before doing any herbal treatment, make sure to consult your veterinarian.


With any serious cough you need to visit your Albuquerque veterinarian to get it evaluated