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Spay and Neuter in January!

kitten albuquerque

Did you know that January is the season of Heat…or the season of being in season? Most cats start their fertility cycle in late winter/early spring. Pretty soon your cat will start the yowling and crying, and maybe even dragging her butt on the ground leaving yucky red streaks on your carpet. I know, it doesn’t sound appealing, but it does happen. 



Getting your cat spayed does more than just stop her from yowling and making a mess. It is also better for her physical and mental health. Mentally, going into heat without being bred is very stressful for your cat. She is biologically craving a mate. Her body wants to breed. So not breeding actually causes her mental discomfort…not to mention that she will cause you mental discomfort as well as she expresses her own displeasure at her predicament. Physically, she is at a higher risk for cancer. Getting your cat spayed affects her hormones and decreases her risk of certain types of feline cancer.

We always have great promotions on surgeries and spays and neuters. 

So get your cat spayed before she drives you nuts.

Get her spayed before she drives herself nuts.

Get her spayed because it is good for her health.