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Spay and Neuter: True or False

Spay and Neuter: True or False

low cost spay neuter albuquerqueTRUE OR FALSE: It it better to let you cat or dog have a litter of puppies or kittens before you spay.

False: Pets that are spayed before their first litter are usually healthier.

TRUE OR FALSE: You should not spay or neuter purebred pets.

False: 1 of every 4 pets that are brought to an animal shelter are purebred. Unless you are a registered breeder, you should spay or neuter your pets. They will be healthier and happier after you spay or neuter them.

TRUE OR FALSE: You can spay or neuter your pet as early as 6 months old.

True: You can actually sterilize them as young as 8 weeks, depending on the animal. Talk to your vet about the best age to fix your new puppy or kitten.

TRUE OR FALSE: My dog won’t be protective if he is neutered.

False: It is a dogs natural instinct to protect their family. Though sex hormones can make a dog more aggressive, it does not necessarily make them more protective. Their protective personality is more formed by genetics and environment.

TRUE OR FALSE: My male pet will feel less like a male if he is neutered.

False: Your male pet will not have a sexual identity crises. However, if your ego is hurt because you neutered your pet, you can talk to your vet about neuticles.

TRUE OR FALSE: My pet will live longer if they are sterilized.

True: Sterilizing your pet can reduce the likelihood of some forms of cancer.

TRUE OR FALSE: My pet will get fat and lazy after being fixed.

False: Most pets get fat and lazy because of their diet and lack of exercise.

TRUE OR FALSE: It is expensive to get my pet sterilized.

False: You can get vouchers from the city if you are income qualified for a fee spay or neuter. However, Vetco is a low cost spay and neuter clinic. We have the lowest spay neuter costs in Albuquerque.  Talk to us about the costs of sterilizing your pet.