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Spring for a Spay

New Mexico Puppy KittenSpring for a Spay

Spring time is synonymous with baby animals! We love all the photos of the kittens and puppies, and all the happy cute fluffiness. But just because we love pictures of kittens and puppies does not mean that you want to have a litter of your own.  This is the time to be proactive and avoid the late spring litter. Cats tend to breed in the spring and summer, so now that spring has sprung it is time for you to spring for a spay!

Cats can go into heat as early as 4 months old and most will go into heat by 6 months. As you get your pet ready for spring with their flea and tick treatment and vaccinations, make sure that they are spayed as well.

At Vetco, we offer low cost spay and neuter’s.  We want everyone to have the number of pets they want, not the number they end up with. Your pet will feel better physically and mentally after they have been spayed.  Plus, spaying and neutering helps reduce the feral pet population, and reduces the number of euthanasias that shelters have to do.

So bring your puppy or kitten, or adult dog or cat, into Vetco for a low cost spay or neuter.